Cthulhu Duo Playmat

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The Great Old Ones arise and it is upon you to fight the horror back! But why should playing a game about fighting horrors be a horror in organization? The Cthulhu Playmat offers you several designated areas with predesigned card slots to keep the gameplay smooth and easy. Fight the Great Old Ones in style!

The playmat is made out of highest quality 2mm rubber, like you know from other high quality playmats or gaming-mousepads. It won’t slide on the table, rolles out perfectly flat and makes it easy to pickup cards, sleeved or unsleeved. Keep track of your tokens, enemies, items, assets and your scenario.

The Cthulhu Playmat, designed for 1-2 players (3-4 players with 2 playmats), is one of the biggest playmats (32×32 inch / 82×82 cm) on the market, giving you enough space to keep everything organized but in reach of every player. The Cthulhu Playmat is more than 50% bigger than usual multiplayer-playmats for this card game.

Please note that this is NOT AN OFFICIAL PRODUCT. This is 100% fan-based work. No copyright protected materials were used to create this design. 



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Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 82 × 82 × 0,2 cm

1-2 Players

Compatible with

Arkham Horror LCG


Made in EU (Lithuania)

1 review for Cthulhu Duo Playmat

  1. Marcus Link

    Best solo playmat so far for me. Huge mat with excellent quality. Makes me play AH LCG more often than before. Love it.

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