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Onlineshop is live now!

We started 4 successful campaigns on kickstarter and delivered thousands of playmats around the world. But the process felt too slow every single time. We always dreamed of quick delivery and short time periods for availability. This now came true – sort of. We started our own online shop where you can order our playmats without crowdfunding and waiting for months. This is a very big step for us, so it’s time to celebrate!

Every order in our online shop will be produced ASAP, so we can realize a delivery in about 2-3 weeks to European countries at a maximum. On top, we can add new designs and new products whenever we like and we don’t need to wait for the next campaign slot.

Due to European tax law and the so-called one-stop-shop, we are only shipping to Germany right now. The registration for the OSS is still pending. We plan to start shipping to other countries in the next months. If you want to get informed, please consider subscribing to our newsletter!

Thank you very much!

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